The Band

     Unseen Masterpiece is a band that anyone can listen to and enjoy. With an original sound that fuses blues, rock, and folk together, Unseen Masterpiece strives to be something refreshing an easy to listen to. UM’s style is influenced by many different genres and musicians. Some of the bands that have inspired UM’s sound include The Eagles, NeedToBreathe, The Punch Brothers, and many more across all types of diverse musical backgrounds.

     Unseen Masterpiece, led in part by Jeremiah Hruby, is an Alternative/Blues band originating in Tallmadge Ohio. Currently playing all over Northeast Ohio, they are ready to rock your soul and bring a smile to your face. As lead, Jeremiah rocks the acoustic guitar and adds soulful vocals. Laying down the tempo and singing harmonies, Nathan Klayko adds a fresh sound on the drums. Mike Zinsmeister shreds on the electric guitar and provides counter-melodies that give the music depth. When coupled together, these exceptionally talented musicians form Unseen Masterpiece.

     Unseen Masterpiece has played all over Northeast Ohio; from Canton to Akron and Cleveland to Kent. With the release of their newest EP, House on Fire, Unseen Masterpiece is geared toward serving their music to as many people as are willing to give it a listen. Visit Unseen Masterpiece online on Facebook, Twitter, and more and help support local artists.

All music performed by Unseen Masterpiece is family friendly. For more info visit: